Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously!

LC POP is committed to respecting your security and privacy. We only collect your information to make your online shopping experience with us awesome and we would like to keep it that way. We do not keep your credit card details for anything other than ordering. Please know all information we collect is kept very secure.

We will also record which products you have purchased. Any information we collect will not be used by any organizations other than LC POP.

Paypal payments are processed offsite on Paypal's secure servers.

For credit card payments we use Shopify's Secured Payment Gateway System. We do not sell, purchase, provide or exchange any information or document relating to a customer cardholder, a customer cardholder’s account number or a transaction to any person. Shopify only collects the customers’ name, email, shipping and billing address, payment details, company name, phone number, IP address and device data. Your personal information is treated with the greatest of care. Sensitive payment information such as your credit card details is NEVER stored on our systems.

Use of Cookies:

LC POP uses cookies to monitor traffic through the site. We use this info to improve the user-friendliness and functionality of our site.